Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Gems of Bollywood seen with a new lens and new perspective

You must have watched hundreds of Bollywood films and serials. However, you may not have watched them critically and minutely. Films and serials can be, and are, a subtle media of propaganda and marketing too.

Most of the people who watch movies normally look for entertainment. They, usually, ignore the propaganda part. They normally skip over the subtle methods of cultural and spiritual marketing.

@GemsOfBollywood is a twitter handle that brings the hidden aspects of Bollywood movies and serials. Its takes are factual and in the face.

We highly recommend that you follow this handle for wiping your cultural and spiritual lenses clean. It would change your opinion about many films and film-makers too. You must follow and read its critique of Bollywood enterprises.

This handle has been started at the initiative of an IITian Sanjeev Newar, who has founded a number of organisations and works against trafficking, social injustice and promotes Vedas, Yoga and Sanskrit too.

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