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Pulkit Tyagi of DoPolitics roasts Shamshera, Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir and Bollywood like never before

Social Media Desk: Pulkit Tyagi is known for his acerbic and razor-sharp observations against deracinated and de-rooted persons of special stature in Indian society. He was first seen in a couple of videos by Upword. Later, he also started working for DoPolitics.

With a proficient Hindi that appeals to the younger generation, Pulkit singes his subjects like few can.

Pulkit Tyagi roasts shamshera and bollywood Pulkit Tyagi roasts Shamshera movie Town Post
Shamshera review by Pulkit Tyagi

In a world of social media and YouTube, the people representing the so-called-liberal-marxist-islamist-abrahmist axis have always been dominating the social and cultural narratives.

However, in recent times, a few young people from journalism, academia and campuses have made their mark with a different narrative that questions the traditional left-dominated world-views that always revels in its anti-Hindu stance.

Pulkit Tyagi, Ajeet Bharti, DoPolitics team and several others have been trying hard to reverse the rot in the social and cultural space of social media.

In the latest DoPolitics video focused on Shamshera movie, Pulkit Tyagi roasts the entire Bollywood fraternity in his inimitable satirical style.

And you can’t stop laughing, thinking, pondering and clapping.

And for those, who want a bit different and serious take on Shamshera there is an alternative critique by Pratik Borade on Sanjay Dixit’s highly popular YouTube Channel The Jaipur Dialogues.

And it is far better and far more productive to listen to Ajeet Bharti’s witty sentences than spend 3 hours listening to idiotic dialogues belted out by typical Bollywoodia by-products cooked in intrinsic Hindu-hate.

Time is money. Why waste it on utterly disgusting anti-culture propaganda seeped in Hindu-hate? Why not use that instead in listening to some original razor-sharp satire with a more perspicacious and more grounded world-view?


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