Monday, February 6, 2023

Lol! It takes West an entire Lab to validate what is inbuilt in Hinduism – Om, Surya Devay Namah!

Hindu Post article exposes how American lab has repackaged Hindu wisdom as ‘scientific discovery’

Desk: Rajiv Malhotra in his seminal book Being Different has shown how the West has been digesting Indian concepts for centuries without any remorse or acknowledgement.

From mathematics to philosophy, most Indian concepts have been digested and taken away by numerous Western scholars and scientists and presented in a new format with a new label.

The latest loot is of the ancient knowledge that morning Sun is beneficial for health.

No Indian, or let us say, no Indian with a backbone and a working mind, would even pause for a moment in wonder if you tell him that morning sunshine or seeing the Surya Deva in the morning is beneficial for health, physical or mental, or is a harbinger of wellness and prosperity.

It is a civilisational knowledge, in-built in Hindu ethos.

Now, a western lab has come to the same conclusion and is publicizing its discovery in a big way.

Hindu Post has come out with a wonderful article on the latest Western validation of ancient Indian wisdom.

We recommend that you read the article and also view this explanation “Why Digestion is the Greatest Threat to Hinduism” by Rajiv Malhotra to understand how Indian wisdom and intellectual property is being consistently looted even today by the West as an old habit.

Rajiv Malhotra has explained in great detail how Hinduism is under greatest threat due to the stealthy loot of ancient Hindu knowledge assets that have been preserved through millennia by generations of Hindus through thick and thin.

Rajiv Malhotra explains why digestion is a threat to Hinduism.



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