Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Feeling a rush of libbo-feminist, intellectual blood? Watch EpicFail short film for antidote!

Desk: Sita is a character that has been revered in the Indian subcontinent for centuries and is a central subject of umpteen folklores.

And she is also a character that has been misrepresented and twisted by the modern il-liberals, fake scholars, rabid communists, real evangelists and true iconoclasts.

Sita is mother deity for the millions of masses walking on the roads and millions spending their days as commoners.

However, she is also a butt of jokes for a few liberals moving in the cocktail circuits and flaunting their progress with fake pronunciation of English phrases and cliches.

A short film EpicFail handles this clash between perception and reality and highlights the twisted representation of an epic story that constitutes and defines the very existence of a common Hindu.

It tells them how the truth is not what is being told to them by those who handle the means of propagation of perception.

The short movie is directed by Arjun Singh Mehta. Arjun Singh Mehta also has contributed as a writer along with Sundar Sharma.

The short drama explores the truth of the Ramayana. It says that after a rather long journey of over two millennia, the truth has been lost in translation. This is the story of one such time when a young and passionate journalist discovers the truth about Sita.

This is a short film made in Vadodara and by a team from Vadodara. Just see the impact it leaves on a viewer with its powerful narrative.

We strongly recommend that you watch this short film as soon as possible.

movie epicfail
A still from Epic Fail.





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