Friday, December 3, 2021

The Cārvāka Podcast turns focus on Vikram Sampath’s second volume on Savarkar

Social Media Desk: The Carvaka Podcast of Kushal Mehra is a well-known YouTube Channel with 32.3 thousand subscribers and lots of devoted fans. Kushal Mehra is a self-avowed atheist, but takes close interest in Indian philosophy and thoughts.

Monday evening his podcast telecast a chat with ace history writer Vikram Sampath for around one and half hours. It scored at least 5,000 views within hours.

The podcast was centred on Vikram Sampath’s oncoming second biographical volume on Veer Savarkar – ‘Savarkar A Contested Legacy’.

The book was released on Monday itself.

The chit-chat with Vikram Sampath went on smoothly and touched several aspects of modern Indian history that has forgotten to do justice with as controversial and mercurial a character as Savarkar.

Most history books have only one or two paragraphs on Savarkar, although his name is debated hotly in the political arena regularly.

He was a man who touched chords and evoked strong emotions when he was alive and he does all this even when he is not alive.

Anyone who has read Vikram Sampath’s first volume on Savarkar knows how objectively he writes.

The book that has been released just now has been published by Penguin India and is available for purchase on Amazon in all formats.

We strongly recommend that the readers buy both of the biographical volumes on Savarkar.

For those, who would like to listen to Vikram Sampath and know about what chit-chat he had with Kushal Mehra, here is the video on YouTube.

The Carvaka Podcast: Kushal Mehra speaks to Vikram Sampath on the latter’s book on Savarkar

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