Thursday, December 2, 2021

Everything that we forgot to learn from Grandma and Grandpa

Desk: Many of us may have learnt our best lessons in childhood from numerous stories churned out by our grandmas and grandpas and other elders.

However, times have changed and there are so many constraints these days that our experience is never complete.

And some of us may even be unfortunate enough to not have got an opportunity to spend leisurely and quality time with our grandparents.

In that case, where do we draw our lessons in dharma and culture from?

Thankfully, technology can save us from the ignominy of ignorance about our own culture, legacy and dharma.

For those, who are interested in knowing and learning about interesting nuggets from our cultural legacy, especially from our scriptures and ancient books, there are several options available on YouTube as well as other social media channels on internet.

However, as far as nuggets from Sanskrit and scriptures is concerned, Nityananda Misra’s YouTube Channel remains the most interesting gateway to an engaging world of Dharmic legacy.

He answers questions that are innocently complicated, yet difficult to answer for a common man.

Sample these few questions. What is the meaning of the name ‘Arjun’? What is the meaning of the word ‘Patanjali’? Or did Rishi Vishwamitra ever consume dog meat? What are words available for tailor or darji in Hindi? Was Karna a Rakshasha in his earlier birth? What is the synonym of the word ‘Shart’ in Hindi?

Nityananda Misra, faculty, IIM Bangalore and Onomastician.

Nityananda Misra teaches in IIM Bangalore and is an Onomastician (one who studies origin of words) as well as an author of several books. He also advises people on selecting appropriate name for children.

His YouTube Channel has a large number of videos that tell very interesting stories taken from Sanskrit scriptures.

The channel has 4.31 thousand subscribers and is appreciated for disseminating deep knowledge in an engaging manner.

We highly recommend that you follow his YouTube Channel as well as Twitter handle to know more about Sanskrit scriptures as well as dharmic legacy.

Here is one such excellent video from his channel.

Nityananda Misra explaining whether Rishi Vishwamitra had ever consumed dog’s meat or not.

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