Thursday, September 29, 2022

Elderly Muslim’s Gyanvapi straightspeak goes viral, Hindus heap praise for polite erudition

News Views YouTube channel’s interview attracts more than 7.5 lakh views, 22k likes

Social Media Desk: An interview of an elderly Muslim gentleman by News Views channel has gone viral on YouTube and social media and has attracted more than 755,807 views within a few days. The interview has also received more than 22 thousand likes.

In the interview, the Muslim gentleman expresses his views on several issues relating to the ongoing legal battle over Gyanvyapi in Varanasi and explains his personal views at length and without any hesitation.

The interviewee has impressed a large number of viewers with his erudition and portly straightspeak. He minces no words and expresses his take on different subjects with elan.

Hindu viewevers seem to have been quite impressed with the ways the interviewee holds forth on different historical topics and they kept heaping praise on him.

comments on youtube channel
Comments on YouTube video heaping praise on portly comments of an elderly Muslim.

On Prof Mahesh Kumar said in his comment: “I have never seen a Muslim brother so honest and amenable to truth as you in the history. Stay blessed for speaking truth.”

One Shivram Gupta commented: “I bow to you for your truthspeak as well as knowledge of history. There is no other way to keep harmony intact.”

Another viewer Vinai Sinha commented: “I bow to your knowledge of history and clearspeak.”

The now viral interview can be watched here.

News Views is a YouTube channel known for its popular videos. It has 733K subscribers as of now and has uploaded scores of viral videos.


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