Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Some Men Live On

Vention, born 1964, announced his cancer on April 24, 2019. This reality came as a shock to him, as he was on his way to an early retirement. Yet, he persisted and is fighting the cancer battle valiantly.

VentionMgtow may have uploaded his last video in the early hours of September 18, 2021. For those who know the man, he was admitted to the ER on September 16, and is perhaps staying strong through his final hours.

Around 11 K humans around the world find his knowledge useful and are subscribed to his YouTube channel. For some MGTOWs, Vention is considered an icon.

As a young man, I discovered Vention while exploring the world of men who decided to go their own way. I was 18, unsure, and unprincipled. A dangerous combination for any young man. I would be wrong to say that the body of knowledge proffered by MGTOW men around the world alone gave me the grounding I needed. No, it was also my father, the strong men around me, and my good sense that helped me build a list of principles that I decided to follow.

Vention, through his YouTube channel, had a part to play as well.

An early proponent of the benefits of crypto currency, Vention speaks a lot about the wonders of Bitcoin.

It was not surprising that the spoils of his investment in Bitcoins funded much of his treatment and therapy. He is also an ardent practitioner of permaculture. He is great with tools and machines, and is a prepper as well.

Vention, born 1964, announced his cancer on April 24, 2019. This reality came as a shock to him, as he was on his way to an early retirement. Yet, he persisted and is fighting the cancer battle valiantly. In the interest of not making this write-up morbid, I will not speculate any further.

This write-up is not meant to be an ode to Warren, the man we know as VentionMgtow. It is an ode to the values that men like him have stood for, and the inspiration they continue to offer to the rest of us around the world. Some men like him, who live on beyond their time.

As one of us falls, others will rise. We will carry the torch ahead, and inspire fellow men to live fulfilled lives. Vention has always imparted his knowledge selflessly. He speaks about the issues of men, and has always advised us on how to avoid these pitfalls. For that, we will be grateful.

MGTOW Forever.

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