Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Misplaced Priorities


In the post-Covid-19 (if at all it’s over), we were expecting a more polite and humane world but what we are seeing is a total disaster.

Be it a riot in South Africa or the Collapse of the government of Afghanistan, the people are suffering at the hands of other people.

On one side we talk of ‘black lives matter’ & ‘me too’ movements to improve living conditions of traditionally marginalized sections but on the other side, hundreds of innocent people are being killed world-over just to assert dominance by one group on the other.

It is really difficult to believe that two-three decades ago we were thinking that the world will become a global village with a liberal economy and advance modes of communication.

Hardly anyone had speculated that things will take a reverse direction. The nationalist feeling will emerge again to protect countries’ interests and every community will become conscious about one’s identity more than ever.

Sadly, the world seems completely fragmented today on the basis of caste, race, colour, religion, and nationality.

Divided by the strong walls of hatred, no country looks peaceful these days. Irrespective of their positions in the development ladder, each nation is feeling underlying unrest.

And for the world that is in the 21st century, it’s not a good thing at all.

Whatever happened in South Africa recently is worrisome. Indians have contributed to the development of these places, no one can take credit for them.

Now they are being ill-treated and subjected to violence and then we have agonized Afghanistan in the most chaotic situation that is posing a threat to the world. With American leaving Afghanistan after two decades military and other intervention would have definitely been a welcoming step if they have had handed over Afghanistan to a democratic stable government of Afghani people.

Instead, they seemed to escape from Afghanistan leaving everything in utter chaos.

The geopolitical situation of Afghanistan is such that it has attracted super powerful nations to get hold of it to keep their hegemony over the region. Russia did it for a very long period and then America did the same post 9/11.

But none of them succeeded in giving a stable government to Afghanistan. With the emerging nexus of Pakistan, China, and the Taliban, it may concern all of us.

The deaths of around 200 people at Kabul airport may just be the beginning of a new dark era for Afghanistan.

Isn’t it the case of misplaced priorities? Instead of having collaboration for the development of mankind in general, countries are collaborating to create terror and violence in the region.

Why does one need such domination over the other? Why can’t we live happily within our own boundaries or else why can’t we imagine the world as borderless?

We won’t be able to find peace unless we do not make peace with what we have and have a holistic approach towards the mankind at the same time.

Universal brotherhood is the ultimate solution for a happy and prosperous world but is it our priority?

Does that remain a question unanswered for ever?

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Dr. Neha Tiwari
Dr. Neha Tiwari
Dr Neha Tiwari is an academic, writer, critic and filmmaker. She has been nominated as a member of the jury for Best Writing in Cinema for the 65th National Film Awards. She has written 6 state-level radio features and 1 Serial for AIR. Her areas of interest include media, literature and life. She teaches in Karim City College Jamshedpur as an Assistant Professor of English. She is also nurturing Mass Communication as a Professor In-charge since 2005.


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