Thursday, December 1, 2022

Crossing Covid


The month of September is crossing slowly and safely amidst mild viral fevers and conjunctivitis but what may happen in October-November is still a big question. The reason of worry is straight and simple, the gradual unlocking of everything from religious places to school – colleges and that too while many festivals are upcoming.

The vaccination drive of India is going in an extremely good direction.By crossing 20 million number of vaccinations on a single day on 17th of September, India has shown tremendous amount of strength and commitment.

But onus is also on general public whether they feel the threats of the third wave of covid or not.

We have witnessed utter chaos and massive number of deaths in the second wave.

The actual number of deaths is still uncounted. In such case pro active approach is expected from each and every one of us.

We should take all necessary precautions like not assembling in large numbers, less marketing, putting on mask and maintaining social distances.

If you claim to be bored of these exercises then recall all whatsapp messages you have received about deaths of your knowns, recollect the memory of hundreds of burning pyres at cremation grounds and bowed down heads at graveyards, thousands of patients waiting for a bed in the hospitals, young kids unaware of the situations around the world losing their parents to covid, parents who lost their kids to covid.

Think about those whose deaths remained unnoticed.

Now when you go out, everytime, you are not only putting yourself at risk, you are putting everyone that you love at risk. So each time you go out take all the precaution that you possibly can as it is rightly said precaution is way better when currently you might not even have a cure.

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Dr. Neha Tiwari
Dr. Neha Tiwari
Dr Neha Tiwari is an academic, writer, critic and filmmaker. She has been nominated as a member of the jury for Best Writing in Cinema for the 65th National Film Awards. She has written 6 state-level radio features and 1 Serial for AIR. Her areas of interest include media, literature and life. She teaches in Karim City College Jamshedpur as an Assistant Professor of English. She is also nurturing Mass Communication as a Professor In-charge since 2005.



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