Saturday, October 23, 2021

2 Jugsalai Municipality sanitation workers seek permanent job

Two sanitation workers, Kanhaiya Mukhi and Guruwari Mukhi have sought DC’s intervention for regularisation of their services in Jugsalai Municipality.

Jamshedpur: Kanhaiya Mukhi and Thursday Mukhi, who have been doing sanitation work for Jugsalai Municipality submitted a memorandum to the DC urging him to ensure that their services are regularised.

Their memorandum says that they have been working for Jugsalai Municipality for the last 35 years.

The memorandum says that that all other sanitation workers working with them have been made permanent.

However, they said, Kanhaiya Mukhi and Guruwari Mukhi, both sanitation workers, got only assurance for the last 6 months.

Aditya, son of sanitation worker Kanhaiya Mukhi, said that for the last 35 years, his father and aunt have been serving Jugsalai Municipality and have spent their lives doing sanitation work.

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He said that all the sweepers who worked with them were made permanent. But both of them are getting only assurance for the last last 6 months.

He said that now the officers who made the confirmation have also retired.

He said that all the sanitation workers working with them were made permanent.

He said that he was forced to complain to the Deputy Commissioner for his intervention and justice.

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