Friday, December 3, 2021

MGMCH contract sanitation workers go on strike over Corona death, rejoin duty on assurance

Jamshedpur: A sanitation worker of MGMCH working under a contractor died of Corona on Monday. The information sent a wave of concern and alarm through other sanitation workers. The sanitation workers went on a strike demanding insurance for themselves.

The striking sanitation workers pointed out that this was the second colleague who died of corona. They said that even the earlier deceased did not get the benefit of insurance.

MGMCH sanitation workers strike work
MGMCH sanitation workers strike work

The striking sanitation workers said that when the union government has announced that there would be a 50 lakh rupees insurance for Covid warriors, then why are they not being given its benefit. Are they not human beings, they asked.

They said that though they clean the hospital taking a lot of risk, no body thinks of their safety and welfare.

They alleged that the guidelines issued by ICMR too is not being followed in MGMCH.

MGMCH sanitation workers strike work
MGMCH sanitation workers strike work

They said that the deceased employee’s family must get proper insurance.

The striking workers then met the Hospital Superintendent Dr. Sanjay Kumar and after getting assurance from him of proper action in the matter, they rejoined their duty.

Those who took part in the strike included Ravi Namata, Sagar, Shuru Kumar, Girish, Usha Devi and others.

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