Friday, September 17, 2021

JNAC keeps close eye on low-lying areas as water level rises in rivers

Appeal to citizens to stay at safe places

Jamshedpur: With risks of inundation of low lying areas close to river banks, JNAC has been on toes to keep a close eye on the rising water level.

JNAC Special Officer Krishna Kumar is monitoring the situation in different areas.

Observers led by the City Manager have been keeping an eye on the rising water level in the low-lying areas in Bagunhatu, Bhuiyadih Kalyannagar and Murga Pada as well as Kadma and Sonari.

The JNAC team led by the City Manager continued touring the area and mitigating the situation.

JNAC teams also distributed dry edible material among the displaced families of Bhuiyandih, Kalyannagar and Murga Pada.

The JNAC officials have appealed to all the families living in areas close to river banks to shift to safer places and remain vigilant as the water level has been rising.

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Waterlogging in Shyam Nagar, Sankosai

With the rise in water level of the two rivers of Jamshedpur, water logging has become a big problem for 50 families of Sankosai.

The locals said that the sluice gate has not been functioning well and this is the reason why river water has entered their bustee.

They said that despite turning the key of the sluice gate, the gate is not closing properly and there is malfunction of one gear.

The locals say that this is the reason why water is entering their bustee causing damage of property and harassment.

The BJP leader Vikas Singh too inspected the sluice gate and saw that it was not functioning properly.

He said that the Chief Engineer and the DC would be apprised with the situation.

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