Friday, December 3, 2021

Short film competition ‘Filmonia 2020’ organised in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: Two cultural and cine organisations of the city, Media Mantra Acting Academy and R Motion Pictures today organised an online short films competition ‘Filmonia 2020’ in the city.

The director of Media Mantra Acting Academy, Mr. Hari Mittal, the director of R Motion Pictures, Mr. Shiv Kumar Prasad and the organiser of the programme Mr. Kamal Kishore Agrawal said that the competition had two categories – general and Covid-19.

The participants from all over the country were invited to make short films of a period ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and send their entries. The last date for sending an entry was June 30, 2020. There was no entry fee for the competition.

The organisers said that 45 entries were received and four were rejected because those were not of the minimum prescribed period.

Out of the rest 41 entries, 30 were in general category, while 11 entries belonged to Covid-19 category.

A jury panel was also formed for judging the entries, which comprised of Ramesh Hansda, Rakesh pandey and Shikha Shukla. Shikha Shukla works in films and serials in Mumbai.

The first prize in the general category was won by “Silent Love” directed by Bal Krishna Singh from Keshav Film Production. The second prize went to Lip Banerjee’s “Doorbell Rahasya”. This movie was directed by Soumitro Banerjee. Third prize went to Raj Khandelwal’s film “Viktrit”. This movie was directed by Manish Khandelwal. The fourth (Jury’s Mention Award) was won by Jamshedpur’s film “Dharma”, which has been directed Masroor Siddique.

In the Covid-19 category, “Gaaon Ka Naam Corona”, a film made by Ranchi’s Neeraj, won the first prize. The film is directed by the entire team of JFTA. Second prize went to “Akhbar Mein Naam” made by Kumar Rajesh (Jamshedpur). This film has been made by FINTAH.

The prize money of Rs. 1500 was given to the first prize winners, while the second, third and fourth prize winners got cash awards of Rs. 1000, 600 and 400 respectively.

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