Friday, December 3, 2021

Tomato prices soar in Jamshedpur as supply disruption scorches vegetable markets

Jamshedpur: The price of tomatoes in Jamshedpur is soaring due to shortfall in supplies. Tomatoes are selling at around Rs. 80 per kg in the retail market in many markets.

The wholesale sellers claim that there is a problem with the supply chain. They say that owing to fall in the output in Ranchi, Patamda and Chhatisgarh rural areas, adequate tomatoes are not being supplied to Jamshedpur city. As a result, tomatoes are being brought in from Bengaluru. And this has caused a spurt in the prices.

Even green vegetables are seeing an uptick in the prices. The prices of parwal or pointed gourd have reached Rs. 30 kg. These were earlier selling at Rs. 10 per Kg.

Coriander leaves or dhania patta, which earlier sold at only Rs. 40 per kg is now selling at Rs. 100 per Kg. Brinjal is going at the rate of Rs. 40-50 per kg.

But, the most pinching has been the rise in the tomato prices. Retailers say that the prices may even reach Rs. 100 per kg in the coming days. The retailers are not placing orders for tomatoes much as they feel rains may prove a dampener.

Wholesale dealers feel that once the supplies from Ranchi, Chhatisgarh and Patamda begin, the prices would stabilize. The reason for spurt in prices is shortage of supplies from local farms and local suppliers.

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