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Lavaly Sharma’s two-month old ‘Bihari-ishtyle’ abusive rap against China goes viral Corona way


Jamshedpur: Lovely Sharma’s two-month old ‘Bihari-ishtyle’ abusive rap against China has gone viral.

The audio song was uploaded on April 14, 2020 by Angel Video Bhojpuri and has an elaborate credit line.

The name of the album is nothing less than a choice abuse, definitely unprintable, for China – “Chaina ….. Ba”.

The credits published by the uploader mentions the singer as Lavali Sharma.

Who wrote the lyrics has surprisingly not been mentioned though the person who wrote it deserves the most creative abuse award in the universe. The YouTube poster does mention some “ShaniBhaii’ as the lyricist.

It is interesting to note that this abusive song was uploaded on April 14, 2020, some two months back and has already clocked 44,777 views and has even garnered some 2.8 thousand likes. Only 71 dislikes. And that is a pretty good performance, considering that even a Md Rafi or Lata Mangeshkar classic manages a few hundred dislikes on YouTube.

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The song has nothing to do with the current stand-off with China. However, in the current situation, it has acquired new relevance and currency and general YouTube enthusiasts seem to be quite interested in it.

The song is also being talked about on different social media. A few eminent social media handles have mentioned it too, offering apologies. However, we would not mention their handles here.

We do want to keep our readers informed. But in this special case, we are not posting any link to that YouTube video.

Interested and enterprising readers may choose to make some effort and inform themselves with a fresh perspective on India-China affairs as well as Corona tangle in “theth Bihari ishtyle” straight from the innards of Bihar. Just search Lavaly Sharma plus a comma plus Corona. May your search bear fruits!

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Do not blame us, however, if it disturbs your sensibility a little. You are forewarned!

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