Monday, March 27, 2023

Jamshedpur Local Trailer Owners Association distributes laddus on Founder’s Day

Jamshedpur: The Jamshedpur Local Trailer Owners Union celebrated Founder’s Day on March 3rd with great zeal.

On this day, the Association members paid respect to J N Tata by offering flowers to J N Tata’s picture, as is customary.

As an expression of their joy, Association members distributed laddus among passersby, truck drivers, and parking personnel in front of the Burmamines Tata Steel Parking Gate.

Jamshedpur, according to Association president Jai Kishore Singh, owes its existence to J N Tata, and that both direct and indirect employment given by Tata Steel, a company that he founded, has put the city on the world map. As a response, the Association members distributed laddus on J N Tata’s birthday to demonstrate their gratitude to him.

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trailer association pays homage to j n tata


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