Friday, September 17, 2021

Champai Soren addresses annual conference of Santhal Bank Officers Welfare Society at Karandih

Jamshedpur: The State Transport Minister Champai Soren attended the annual function of All India Santhal Bank Officers Welfare Society on Friday.

Women members of the society gave a grand welcome to the minister with drums and drums according to the tradition of the society.

The program was inaugurated by Minister Champai Soren by garlanding the portrait of Pandit Raghunath Murmu and lighting the lamp.

After the inauguration ceremony, Minister Champai Soren addressed the members of the welfare society in Santhali language.

A large number of members of Santhali bank employees Bihar and Jharkhand were present on the occasion.

Transport Minister Champai Soren said that All India Santhal Bank Employees Welfare Society is an institution.

After coming into employment, they formed an organization to support the children who want to pursue education for the advancement of the society.

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He said that one of their objectives is to uplift the society by taking out some of their time for the community.

He said that today everyone has moved ahead in life. The purpose of the organization is to give some support to the community too.

He hoped that the conference would help in furthering the objective and would help in progress of Santhali community.

Ram Hari Baske of the Society said that a one-day seminar was organized for the upliftment of the santhali society too.

All 91 members of Bihar, Jharkhand were present in the seminar.

He said that with everyone agreed ’to help educate the students of the community.

He said that the society is working in five states: Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Bengal and Assam.

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In the coming days, he said, emphasis will be laid on educating the children so that by being educated, the children of the society can bring glory to the state and the country.

Champai Soren inaugurating annual conference of All India Santhali Bank Employees Welfare Society at Karandih.

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