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Islamic Jihadists vandalise scores of Hindu murtis in Bangladesh Dinajpur district

Desk: Islamic jihadists have vandalised a series of Hindu murtis (idols) in Chirirbandar upasika of Dinajpur district in Bangladesh during the last few days.

According to reports emanating from Bangladesh, idols in at least five temples in Dinajpur’s Chirirbandar upazila have been vandalised.

The Daily Star reports that in the last five days, idols of at least 12 temples were vandalised in the same upazilla. All these temples were situated in the upazila’s Abdulpur, Auliapukur and Saitara unions.

This was one among a series of incidents during the last few days, when Hindu mandir idols have been desecrated and vandalised in Bangladesh Dinajpur district.

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According to reports received from Bangladesh, earlier on last January 30 too idols were vandalised at the Sri Kali Maa Chibuka Devi Public Kali Puja temple in Aulia Pukur Union No. 7 of Chirirbandar in Dinajpur of Bangladesh and at the Hat Kali Mata Temple in Baideshi.

An idol of Hindu goddess Kali was also vandalised at a mandir in Thakurgaon’s Pirganj Upazila on January 4, 2021, as reported by The Daily Star.

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According to Dinajpur Chapter of Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad, the idol vandalism started on January 23 night at a Durga Temple in Nawabganj upazila.

Protesting the incidents, Hindu community people staged a demonstration in Dinajpur.

A protest procession was brought out and a human chain was also formed in front of local Press Club.

Bangladesh has a history of vandalism in Hindu mandirs and the incidents of such vandalism and torture on Hindu community has seen a spurt in the recent times.

The number of Hindus in Bangladesh has decreased over time and their ratio in Population has come down from around 30 pc in 1930 to less than 8 pc now.

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