Saryu Roy speaking to media on Sikidihri scam
Saryu Roy speaking to media on Sikidihri scam

Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy, ex-minister and Jamshedpur East MLA has welcomed the CBI investigations into the Sikidiri power plant scam.

In a statement, he said the issue was raised by him some 8 years back and after 8 years this issue has finally reached the CBI.

Mr. Roy said that he learnt about the case some 8 years back and later he raised the demand to probe the matter.

He said that at that time BJP was in government in the centre and Arjun Munda was the chief minister.

He said that the power project had a overhauling project and for that a tender of Rs. 2.5 cr was published. Later, the chairman of the department was changed and the new chairman sat upon the tender. He also prepared a new estimate which went up to Rs. 23.65 cr. The said project was given to the BHEL through nomination, instead of tender.

BHEL too handed this job to a private company and the private company ran aways after leaving the project incomplete.

After the issue was raised, BJP had lost power and the file started gathering dust.

Saryu Roy welcomes CBI probe into Sikidiri Power Plant Scam.

Saryu Roy has been raising the issue since then. Now that the CBI has taken up the case, he has expressed happiness at the development and said that there are some people in Jamshedpur too who seem to be in a hurry to go to jail.

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He said that it is a matter of time before he sends corrupt people to jail.

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