Friday, December 3, 2021

JCM demands action against lodges asking for rent for lockdown period

Jamshedpur: Jharkhand Chhatra Morcha has demanded action against owners of different private lodges and hostels of the city for pressurising the students to pay up the rents for the lockdown period.

JCM delegation submitting memorandum to DC demanding action against lodges asking for rent for lockdown period.

A delegation of Jharkhand Chhatra Morcha today met the Deputy Commissioner and submitted a memorandum urging him to take action against the erring lodges and hostels.

Khushboo Lanwa of JCM said that that according to the government instructions the lodges and hostels cannot compel the students for paying up rent for the lockdown period.

Khushboo Lanwa, JCM

She said that the girl students are facing financial difficulties and it is wrong to impose on them financial burden for no fault of theirs.

Arun Murmu, president of Kolhan unit of JCM, said that the government directives make it clear that no rent can be collected for lockdown period and it is wrong for the hostel owners to ask the students to pay up for that period.

Arun Murmu, president, Kolhan unit, JCM

He urged the administration to ensure that the harassment of students living in private hostels and lodges stops so that the students are able to focus their studies.

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