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All over the world, the news media is in distress. Big media houses are falling and good journalists are finding it hard to sustain themselves and the profession, even while the need to read more and know more is on the rise.

If you pay for watching a good movie, reading a good book, and buying a good mobile phone, we strongly urge you to consider supporting your good journalists too.

If you don’t support our newsmen, the gap created would be filled up by marketers and vested interests and misinformation and rumour-mongering would be served in the name of news and journalism.

After all, you have been supporting your doctors, engineers and lawyers by paying for their services for a reason.

It would not be a misplaced idea to consider supporting your local professional journalists too.

We are a team of career journalists trying to find a way to sustain independent journalism as a sustainable profession that cannot be controlled by vested interests.

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