Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bhojpuri Deserves More Respect: Singer Kalpana Patwari in Jamshedpur

Kalpana Patwari Expresses Concern Over Diminishing Standards of Bhojpuri, Advocates for its Inclusion in Eighth Schedule

In Jamshedpur, Bhojpuri singer Kalpana Patwari voices concerns over the deteriorating standard of Bhojpuri music and emphasizes the need for its cultural preservation.

JAMSHEDPUR – In an enlightening dialogue with journalists, Bhojpuri singer Kalpana Patwari expressed her worries about the declining quality of Bhojpuri music.

Patwari, who was in the city to perform at a Bhajan evening, lamented that while many languages have gained respectable status, Bhojpuri still awaits its due recognition.

Stressing the importance of the language, she argued that efforts should be made to include Bhojpuri in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, thereby granting it an identity of its own.

"Bhojpuri is more than just spoken; it deserves to be recognized as its own language," Patwari said.

She disclosed that she has moved on from mainstream Bhojpuri songs and is now focusing on rendering poems by Bhikhari Thakur in a new musical format.

Besides this, the singer revealed she is involved in other projects aimed at elevating the cultural heritage associated with the language.


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