Sunday, October 1, 2023

Baridih Student Club Gets New Durga Puja Committee, Elects Office Bearers

Baridih Student Club in Jamshedpur reforms Durga Puja Committee, re-electing Jayant Pandey as President; new decor and rituals planned.

JAMSHEDPUR – Baridih Student Club has reformed its Durga Puja Committee.

A meeting was held at the Post Office Ground where key decisions were taken.

Jayant Pandey was re-elected as the President of the committee, and other office bearers were elected as well.

Rama Shankar Sharma, the founder of the club, was present at the meeting.

The Durga Puja celebrations will include all traditional rituals.

Indra Tent will be responsible for decorating the pandal, emphasizing the lighting and idol as the main attractions.

The meeting was attended by many people, reflecting the community’s enthusiasm for the upcoming festivities.


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