Advocates, Including BJP Leader, Demand Strict Action Against Rohingya Infiltration in Jamshedpur

Leading advocates call for strict action against Rohingya infiltration in Jamshedpur.

JAMSHEDPUR – Several advocates, including BJP leader and senior advocate Devendra Singh, have called for strict action against Rohingya Bangladeshis infiltrating the city of Jamshedpur.

A letter outlining their demands was submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of the district.

Devendra Singh stated that Rohingyas from Bangladesh are entering India via the Murshidabad region of Bengal state.

They are working as contract laborers in Jamshedpur and many other areas across the country, typically at lower wage rates.

These individuals are frequently employed in building construction or sell fruit from carts in various markets.

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Singh also claimed that they relay information about numerous activities back to Bangladesh.

In light of these concerns, the advocates demanded the identification of these infiltrators and their immediate expulsion from the country.

They have urged the district administration to take swift action on this matter.

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Advocates, Including BJP Leader, Demand Strict Action Against Rohingya Infiltration in Jamshedpur


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