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Jamshedpur Tragedy: Young Girl Dies, Sister Injured as Storm Fells Tree on House

In Jamshedpur, a strong storm causes a tree to fall on a house, resulting in the tragic death of a young girl and serious injury to her sister.

JAMSHEDPUR – A violent storm that hit Jamshedpur on Tuesday evening has caused a tragic incident, claiming the life of a young girl and leaving her sister seriously injured.

The storm, which also brought heavy rain, caused many trees to fall around the city, disrupting public life and leading to this heartbreaking incident.

In the Kadma area, under the jurisdiction of Kadma police station, a tree fell onto the house of Gurupado Kalindi in Jai Prabha Complex.

Two sisters, 10-year-old Jamuna Kalindi and her younger sibling, Saraswati Kalindi, were inside the house at the time.

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Local residents rushed to the scene and were able to transport both girls to Tata Main Hospital (TMH) for immediate medical attention.

Unfortunately, doctors declared Jamuna dead upon arrival. Saraswati is currently undergoing treatment at TMH and is reported to be in a serious condition.

Gurupado Kalindi, the girls’ father, works as a mason, and the other members of the household are laborers.

This devastating incident has brought profound sorrow to their family and the local community.

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In Jamshedpur, a strong storm causes a tree to fall on a house, resulting in the tragic death of a young girl and serious injury to her sister.


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