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Baridih Boy Manish Bhardwaj Achieves 114th Rank in UPSC, Elevates the Pride of Bihar and Jharkhand

Hailing from Chhapra district, Bihar and staying in Jamshedpur, Manish Bhardwaj has brought honor to Bihar and Jharkhand by securing the 114th rank in the UPSC examination.

JAMSHEDPUR – A young man with family in Baridih, named Manish Bhardwaj, hailing from the Masrakh region in Chhapra district, Bihar, has elevated the prestige of both Bihar and Jharkhand by achieving the 114th rank in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination.

Bhardwaj, the eldest of five siblings, has a record of remarkable academic feats. He first earned recognition by topping the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) examination and currently serves as the Deputy Collector Land Reforms (DCLR) in Begusarai, Bihar.

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Even while performing his duties as DCLR, he meticulously prepared for the UPSC examination and accomplished a commendable rank.

The success of Bhardwaj, whose father was a foreman at Tata Steel Company and mother is a teacher, is a source of pride for his family and has brought renown to Bihar, Jharkhand, and his residential town, Jamshedpur.

Born in Masrakh, Bihar, he moved to Jamshedpur with his father at the age of one and has resided in Vijay Garden of Baridih ever since.

Bhardwaj attributes his successful accomplishment in both BPSC and UPSC to his persistent hard work rather than coaching assistance.

News of his 114th rank in the UPSC examination has brought an influx of people to his residence in Baridih, all lauding his diligence and dedication that led him to triumph in the prestigious examination. 

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Hailing from Chhapra district, Bihar and staying in Jamshedpur, Manish Bhardwaj has brought honor to Bihar and Jharkhand by securing the 114th rank in the UPSC examination.


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