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Tata Steel Foundation Enhances Community Health Center in Ramgarh’s Mandu, Jharkhand

Tata Steel Foundation steps up for community wellness, renovates medical blocks and constructs new amenities at Mandu’s Community Health Center.

Ramgarh: Tata Steel Foundation, demonstrating its commitment to community wellness, has revamped three medical blocks at the Community Health Center (CHC) in Mandu.

As part of their effort, a new waiting room specifically for children and a dedicated Malnutrition Treatment Center (MTC) ward were also constructed, adding to the enhanced healthcare facilities in the region.

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This initiative aligns with Tata Steel Foundation’s broader objectives of collaborating with state governments to provide improved amenities to the public.

The inauguration ceremony held at Ramgarh was graced by the presence of top district officials and senior leaders of Tata Steel Foundation and West Bokaro Division of Tata Steel Limited. Among those present were MLA Jai Prakash Bhai Patel of Mandu, Deputy Commissioner Ms. Madhavi Mishra, Civil Surgeon-cum-CMO Dr. Prabhat Kumar, and others.

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The MTC ward is particularly designed to assist children affected by Severe Malnutrition (SAM). Ms. Madhavi Mishra expressed her appreciation for Tata Steel Foundation’s efforts in renovating the medical block and constructing a new waiting hall.

She said, “This renovated complex will serve as a model for other community healthcare centers in the state of Jharkhand. We are planning to nominate CHC Mandu for healthcare-related awards in the state.”

Sourav Roy, CEO, Tata Steel Foundation, emphasized the renovation project’s importance and its potential impact on maternal and neonatal mortality rates, non-communicable diseases, and vector-borne diseases. He lauded the efforts of civil engineers and the district administration in successfully renovating the CHC.

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Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Civil Surgeon-cum-CMO, also appreciated the civil engineers at Tata Steel Foundation for their dedication towards the enhancement of healthcare in the region. He mentioned the Cataract Camp run by Tata Steel Foundation, highlighting it as a significant success in the region.

Tata Steel Foundation steps up for community wellness, renovates medical blocks and constructs new amenities at Mandu’s Community Health Center.


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