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Fugitive Leader of Banned Jharkhand Naxalite Group Arrested by NIA in Terror Funding Case

Dinesh Gope, self-proclaimed head of the banned Naxalite organization in Jharkhand, People’s Liberation Front of India, apprehended by NIA on charges related to terror funding.

Desk: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Sunday detained Dinesh Gope, the elusive self-proclaimed head of the People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI), a prohibited Maoist group in Jharkhand.

Gope was captured in New Delhi, ending his long run from the authorities.

The charges against Gope, also known as Kuldeep Yadav or Badku, stem from the case related to the recovery of demonetised INR 25.38 lakh from PLFI associates.

With a staggering number of 102 criminal cases registered against him in Jharkhand, Bihar, and Odisha, his criminal record includes allegations of murder, kidnapping, intimidation, extortion, and fundraising for PLFI.

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NIA had previously announced a reward of INR 5 lakh for information leading to Gope’s arrest, a figure the Jharkhand government raised by offering an additional INR 25 lakh.

Despite being on the run for nearly two decades, Gope continued his illicit activities.

The investigation reveals that Gope was involved in extorting money and executing attacks to intimidate the general public. Illicit funds were laundered through shell companies in the names of Gope’s close associates and family members, thus maintaining his criminal operations.

Despite numerous efforts to evade capture, including a close encounter with security personnel earlier in February 2022, Gope was eventually apprehended.

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His arrest marks a significant step forward in countering the terrorist activities carried out by the PLFI in Jharkhand.

The PLFI, previously known as the Jharkhand Liberation Tigers (JLT), is notorious for its terror activities in Jharkhand, including numerous killings.

Through a scheme of providing unemployed youths with incentives, the organization trained and armed recruits to execute terror attacks.

The NIA also disclosed that the group was associated with various criminal gangs to amplify their destructive activities in the region.

Gope’s arrest and ongoing investigation offer a hopeful sign in the fight against Naxalite terrorism in the region, though the vast network of his associates and affiliates remain a significant concern for law enforcement agencies.

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Dinesh Gope, self-proclaimed head of the banned Naxalite organization in Jharkhand, People’s Liberation Front of India, apprehended by NIA on charges related to terror funding.


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