Sunday, June 11, 2023

Adityapur Police Defuse Bombs and Detain Suspect, Thwarting Potential Major Incident

Two live bombs defused by police in Adityapur, crime worker Suraj Tantubai detained. Major criminal incident avoided.

ADITYAPUR – The police achieved a significant victory today as they recovered and defused two live bombs in Beldih Basti, averting a major catastrophe.

This operation was conducted in collaboration with the CRPF 157 Battalion. A crime worker, Suraj Tantubai, has been detained and has disclosed key information to the police.

Station in-charge, Rajan Kumar, revealed that the successful operation was based on confidential information received from senior officials. This information suggested that Suraj Tantubai was hiding a bomb in his house in preparation for a major criminal act.

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Upon receiving the tip, a team was swiftly formed, and raids were executed. During the raid, two live bombs were discovered at Tantubai’s residence. The bombs were promptly defused on-site with the assistance of the CRPF 157 Battalion.

Kumar added that Suraj’s father, Arjun Tantubai, is also known for his criminal activities and has previously been imprisoned under the Arms Act. He is currently out on bail.

During the interrogation, Suraj Tantubai named Moti Lal Bishnoi, Toon Lohar, Bhatta Lohar, and Raju Hesa as the crime personnel who provided him with the bombs. According to Suraj, these individuals were planning to execute a major criminal incident, which was fortunately intercepted in time. Authorities are currently searching for all named crime personnel.

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The successful operation included ASI Abhishek Kumar, Suman Saurabh Shiv Bachchan Yadav, Driver Tiriya, and the Bomb Disposal Squad of CRPF 157 Battalion.

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Two live bombs defused by police in Adityapur, crime worker Suraj Tantubai detained. Major criminal incident avoided.


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