Monday, May 29, 2023

Astrologer’s Son Found Dead in Likely Suicide in Saraikela, Police Investigating

The astrologer son of a well-known astrologer Bablu Astrologer, was found dead in an apparent suicide in his home in Saraikela.

Jamshedpur – Tragedy has struck Saraikela, Kharsawan district, as 30-year-old Sukhdev Astrologer was found dead in his home, an apparent victim of suicide.

Sukhdev, the son of well-known astrologer Bablu Astrologer, was found hanging from a ceiling fan, causing shock and distress throughout the local community.

Sukhdev, who hailed from Hensal under the jurisdiction of Rajnagar police station, is believed to have taken his life when his home was inhabited by his parents, grandmother, and younger brother.

His wife, Champa Jyotish, and their two young children had left to visit her maternal home three days prior to the incident.

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Police arrived at the scene as soon as they were alerted, took custody of Sukhdev’s body, and sent it for postmortem. Initial reports from sources suggest that Sukhdev was under mental stress, a potential factor contributing to this heartbreaking incident.

According to family members, they all had dinner together the night before.

When Sukhdev’s room was opened at 6:00 am today, they found him hanging from the fan, leading to immediate grief and despair in the family.

The Rajnagar police are currently investigating the case, seeking to understand more about the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

The astrologer son of a well known astrologer Bablu Astrologer was found dead in an apparent suicide in his home in Saraikela
The astrologer son of a well-known astrologer Bablu Astrologer, was found dead in an apparent suicide in his home in Saraikela.


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