Sunday, June 11, 2023

Panic at Dhanbad Railway Station Following a Knife Attack on a Passenger

A passenger at Dhanbad Railway Station is attacked by a man wielding a knife, causing chaos and leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Dhanbad – An ordinary day at Dhanbad railway station took a dramatic turn when a passenger was attacked by a young man armed with a knife, triggering widespread panic among travelers and bystanders.

The incident took place on platform number two, a usually bustling area of the station.

The victim, a regular traveler on the Asansol-Varanasi passenger line, disembarked his train and approached a water tap for a drink.

It was then that he noticed a young man, apparently loitering in the station, carrying a knife. Concerned for his safety, the passenger confronted the young man about the weapon. In response, the youth lashed out, attacking the passenger with the knife.

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The surprise attack sparked chaos among passengers, with people scattering in fear. The victim managed to escape serious harm by retreating to the station master’s cabin.

The noise and disturbance quickly attracted the attention of the Government Railway Police Force (GRPF) team present at the station. The team apprehended the assailant, recovering the sharp knife he had used in the attack.

Further details about the incident, including the identities of those involved and the severity of the victim’s injuries, are yet to be released.

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A passenger at Dhanbad Railway Station is attacked by a man wielding a knife, causing chaos and leading to the suspect’s arrest.


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