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Jamshedpur Students Excel in ICSE and ISC Board Examinations 2023: Complete List of City Toppers

Students from Jamshedpur schools have shone in the ICSE and ISC Board Examinations 2023, with Rushil Kumar of Hill Top School leading the charge.

Jamshedpur: Students from different ICSE and ISC board schools in Jamshedpur have performed exceptionally well in the 2023 board examinations, achieving high marks and a high pass percentage.

Rushil Kumar of Hill Top School emerged as the national topper with an impressive 99.8% marks, closely followed by his schoolmate Kaushalendra Pratap who scored 99.4%, and Priyanka Chakraborty with 99.3%.

In the ISC Science stream, Ashish Sam from Carmel Junior topped the city with 98.8% marks, while Kumar Sujal from DBMS was the city’s second topper with 98.25% marks.

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Isha Mururaka from Loyola School topped the city in the ISC Commerce stream with a score of 99.25%, closely followed by Srinjoy Banerjee who scored 99%.

In the ISC Arts stream, Ashriya S Thumpi and Aditya Thakur, both from Loyola School, topped the city with 98.25% marks each. Ananya Pal from Sacred Heart Convent came second in the city with 97.5% marks.

The 2023 ICSE and ISC board examinations have proven to be a grand success for Jamshedpur students, showcasing their academic excellence and diligence.

Toppers List :

ICSE: 10th toppers

Rushil Kumar : 99.8 : Hill Top Telco

Kaushalendra Pratap : 99.4 : Hill Top Telco

Priyanka Chakraborty : 99.3 : Hilltop Telco

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Devashrit Sahu : 99 : LFS Telco

Anushya Singh : 99 : LFS Telco

Snehal Rai : 99 : Sacred Heart Convent

Ajitesh Sitesh : 99 : Rajendra Vidyalaya

Ujjwal Aditya : 99 : Loyola Telco

Vedanta Saraswat : 99 : Loyola Telco

Sidhesh Kumar : 98.8 : MNPS

Education Banka : 98.80 : DBMS

Ashwini Kumar: 98.7 Shri Krishna Public School Bishtupur

Ayushi Sharma : 98.6 : Sacred Heart Convent

Kuldeep Sen : 98.6 : Rajendra Vidyalaya

Tanisha Kumari : 98.6 : Sacred Heart Convent

Bhumi Kumari : 98.6 : DBMS Kadma

Anushka : 98.6 : Loyola Bishtupur

Swati Priya : 98.6 : RK Mission

ISC : Science Toppers

Ashish Sam : 98.8 : Carmel Jr.

Kumar Sujal : 98.25 : DBMS

Paushali Patra : 98 : Hill Top

Unnati Patel : 97-8 : Tarapore

Aditya Kumar : 97.6 : Tarapore

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Soham Mishra : 97.50 : DBMS

Shubhigya Priyansh : 97.50 : DBMS

Tushar Sinha : 97.5 : DBMS

Akul Amey : 97.5 : Carmel Junior

Nandini Kumari : 97.3 : Carmel

Veer Pareek : 97.25 : DBMS

Naman Kumar : 97.25 : DBMS

ISC 12th: Commerce Toppers

Isha Murarka : 99.25 : Loyola

Srinjay Banerjee: 99: Carmel Jr.

Suysha Singh: 98: Carmel Jr.

Priyanshi Doshi : 97.25 : Hill Top

AS Shubasish Mallick: 95.75: Hill Top

Ayush Agarwal : 95.25 : Hill Top

Rinki Kumari : 95.2 : Dayanand

Muskan Kedia : 95.25 : Narbheram

ISC 12th Arts Toppers

Aashriya Sarojit Thampi : 98.25 : Loyola

Aditya Thakur : 98.25 : Loyola

Ananya Paul : 97.5 : Sacred Heart Convent

Ved Vaibhav : 97.5 : Loyola

Aashi Sengar : 97.5 : Loyola

Manya : Ludra : 97 : Loyola 

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Students from Jamshedpur schools have shone in the ICSE and ISC Board Examinations 2023, with Rushil Kumar of Hill Top School leading the charge.


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