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A Tale of Almost-Perfect Scores and the Elusive One Mark

Dive into the era of near-perfect scores, where ICSE, CBSE students flirt with 100% & one elusive mark turns into the academia’s Sherlock Holmes mystery.

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Jamshedpur: Once upon a time, the 90s were the holy grail of academic achievement. But alas, now they’re as common as pigeons in a park.

Welcome to the era of near-perfect scores, where students of ICSE and CBSE boards are scoring marks higher than the temperature of a mid-summer day in the Sahara Desert.

Our story starts with young Rushil Kumar, a student from Hill Top School, Telco in Jamshedpur, who has emerged as a national hero.

No, he didn’t save a cat from a tree or help an old lady cross the road. Rushil scored an awe-inspiring 99.8% marks in ICSE Class 10th Board Examinations.

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A score so high that if it were a mountain, even the most experienced climbers would think twice before ascending.

But let’s spare a moment for that one elusive mark. Yes, out of 500, Rushil scored 499. The mark lost on the way.

Maybe it fell into a pothole, or maybe it’s caught in a traffic jam, or perhaps it’s just taken a leave of absence. We may never know.

But wouldn’t it be a sight to see Sherlock Holmes on the case, trying to find the missing mark!

Rushil shares the glory of being the national topper with eight other students across the country. They are the new elite club of “the 99.8%.”

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His schoolmates Kaushalendra Pratap and Priyanka Chakraborty aren’t far behind, scoring 99.4% and 99.3% respectively. It seems like the Hill Top School is churning out high scorers faster than a bakery bakes cookies.

But let’s not forget our friends from the ISC board. Ashish Sam and Kumar Sujal, the Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo of science, topped the city with scores of 98.8% and 98.25%.

Isha Mururaka and Srinjoy Banerjee, the Adam Smiths of commerce, also displayed their academic prowess with scores of 99.25% and 99%.

The gods have certainly decided to smile on these students, while, it seems, the state board students are still waiting for their divine appointment. But let’s not despair, state board students. Remember, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or maybe it’s just the teacher’s benevolence that hasn’t reached you yet.

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In this new era of near-perfect scores, it seems like the grading system might soon need a facelift. Perhaps we’ll see grades like A++, A+++, or even A++++. And as for our students, keep reaching for the stars. But remember, the earth isn’t so bad either.

In the end, we’re left wondering – are these perfect scores a dream come true, or are we dreaming that we’ve woken up?

Only time will tell.

Until then, let’s cheer for our superheroes of academia – but keep an eye out for that lost mark.

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The Near Perfect Scorer: Where did that one mark go?


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