Monday, May 29, 2023

Time for a Wake-up Call: Ensuring Women’s Safety in India

There is an urgent need for improved women’s safety in India, following a daylight murder in Ranchi. There is also a need for change in individual mindset and societal and institutional caution.


All crimes are egregious, yet the brutal, daylight murder of a 20-year-old woman in Ranchi, the state capital, is an alarming incident that lays bare the precarious situation of women in even the most secure corners of our country.

This chilling reality cannot be ignored, especially when such events are becoming disturbingly routine.

The Ranchi police have initiated a manhunt, and one hopes the culprits will be swiftly brought to justice. However, the deep-rooted issue at hand extends beyond the mere pursuit of the perpetrators.

It is about the systemic vulnerability of women, repeatedly targeted by anti-social elements with alarming impunity.

In an era where women are increasingly asserting their independence, living alone, and pursuing careers and education, it is a grave responsibility of our government and law enforcement agencies to ensure their safety and instill a sense of security.

Unfortunately, despite societal progress towards openness and equality, the attitude of many Indian men towards women remains stubbornly regressive.

Women are not commodities to be possessed or trophies to be won.

This mindset is not just archaic; it is dangerous, fostering a cultural climate where aggression and violence can flourish.

The metaphor of an Afghanistan and a Taliban lurking in every corner of India, while provocative, captures the essence of the problem.

This mentality remains stubbornly medieval, and it’s high time we collectively work to eradicate it.

It is really sad that in a country that has worshiped women as Devis for centuries now sees them with a lens that reminds one of medieval era invaders.

It is imperative for local police and administrative bodies across the country to take special measures to protect vulnerable women, particularly those residing alone in hostels or rented accommodations, away from their family support systems.

Establishing dedicated help desks for working women and female students, providing doorstep security, and ensuring swift, stringent punishment for offenders are just a few of the immediate actions that must be taken.

The murder of a 20-year-old woman in Ranchi serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of this issue.

We cannot afford to let the safety and well-being of women become secondary concerns.

It’s time for us as a society, and for our institutions, to step up and ensure that such acts of violence become a thing of the past.

Let’s transform this wake-up call into action. The women of India deserve nothing less.

Time for a Wake up Call Ensuring Women's Safety in India
Time for a Wake-up Call: Ensuring Women’s Safety in India

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