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Sparing Minorities: Pakistan’s Only Path to a Better Future

Breaking the cycle of political instability in Pakistan: Moving away from religion is crucial for a brighter future.

Pakistan has long been stalked by political instability, enduring frequent changes in government, military coups, and widespread violence.

In recent years, this situation has only worsened, leaving the nation in a state of perpetual turmoil. While numerous factors contribute to Pakistan’s political instability, one critical issue stands out—the country’s excessive preoccupation with religion.

Since its inception as an Islamic republic, religion has played an overriding role in Pakistan’s politics, leading to a multitude of adverse consequences.

The problem lies in the manipulation of religion to justify various forms of misconduct, ranging from military coups to human rights abuses.

Religious extremists have exploited their influence to suppress dissent and foster violence, resulting in a weakened democracy and a precarious rule of law.

If Pakistan aspires to break free from this cycle of instability, it must gradually shift away from religion’s dominating presence in public life.

This does not imply banning religion or coercing individuals to renounce their faith, but rather ensuring that one particular denomination of a particular religion no longer monopolizes political discourse and governance.

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To achieve this transformative change, it is imperative for Pakistan’s government to embrace secularism, or at least some qualities of it.

But, first it must do away with its repressive rules against its minorities, especially Hindus, Ahmedias, Shias and Christians.

By explicitly amending the constitution to designate Pakistan as a secular state, the government can signal a commitment to a pluralistic society that respects the rights and beliefs of all citizens.

Laws safeguarding freedom of religion and expression must be enacted, ensuring that individuals are free to practice their faith without fear of persecution while also fostering an environment where diverse opinions can be expressed without hindrance.

Reforming the education system is another vital step towards moving away from religious dominance.

By prioritizing critical thinking and tolerance in curricula, Pakistan can empower its youth to question dogma, embrace diversity, and foster a culture of inclusivity. Education should provide the tools for citizens to understand different perspectives and engage in constructive dialogue, fostering a society that values reason and justice over blind adherence to religious doctrine.

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Moving away from religion will undoubtedly be a challenging endeavor, requiring a profound shift in the collective mindset of the Pakistani people. However, it is the only viable path towards breaking the cycle of political instability and building a brighter future for the nation. Pakistan’s citizens must recognize that true progress lies in embracing a society where religion no longer dominates public life, but rather coexists peacefully with other aspects of society.

The journey towards a more secular Pakistan is not without its obstacles. There will be resistance from those who fear losing their grip on power and influence.

Nevertheless, the pursuit of a better future demands perseverance and determination. By gradually dismantling the undue influence of religion, Pakistan can pave the way for a society built on principles of reason, justice, and pluralism.

It is imperative for Pakistan to take specific steps to move away from religion and towards a more secular state.

These steps include amending the constitution to explicitly declare Pakistan as a secular state, passing laws that protect freedom of religion and expression, reforming the education system to prioritize critical thinking and tolerance, ensuring a free and independent media, and safeguarding the right of individuals to practice their religion without fear of persecution.

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While the road ahead may be arduous, embracing secularism is the only way for Pakistan to break the cycle of political instability and forge a brighter future for its people.

Despite its numerous failings, India has indeed performed well on the secularism front. Its minorities are raucously assertive and participative in the democratic processes.

While Pakistan has forced its minorities to convert, evaporate and perish slowly, one girl a day, two Hindus an hour, India has gone to extremes in protecting and pushing up its minorities.

So much so that the majority community feels, justifiably to some extent, that the entire system has been biased against it.

Pakistan should not merely vie with India. It should also learn from it.

Breaking the cycle of political instability in Pakistan: Moving away from religion is crucial for a brighter future. 


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