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Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sangh Demands Free Education for Deprived Classes in Private Schools

Under the new education policy, Jamshedpur Parents Association rallies for free education up to class 12th for deprived students in private schools.

Jamshedpur: A large-scale demonstration, led by the Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sangh, took place in Jamshedpur to demand free education up to class 12th for students from deprived sections in private schools, in accordance with the New Education Policy.

The rally culminated at the district headquarters where parents staged a protest. The union president highlighted that despite the new education policy 2020 mandating free education up to class 12 for students from deprived classes, private schools in the city are not adhering to this regulation.

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The protestors alleged that these schools are demanding fees from students as early as the ninth grade.

The Sangh president warned that if this practice continues, students from deprived classes will not be able to complete their education.

Following the protest, they called upon the Deputy Commissioner of the district to intervene and take necessary action to ensure that the rights of these students are not violated.

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Under the new education policy, Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sanghrallies for free education up to class 12th for deprived students in private schools.


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