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Kashidih High School’s 3-Day Summer Camp Concludes on a High Note

The 3-day summer camp at Kashidih High School wraps up, leaving students enriched with new skills and memories. Games, mask-making, Zumba, and more were part of the fun.

Jamshedpur: Kashidih High School’s three-day summer camp, which ran from May 8 to May 10, concluded on an encouraging note today. The camp, designed for students from grades 1 to 5, offered a host of activities that combined learning with fun.

The third and final day of the camp began with capturing photographs of the smiling children, a delightful memory of the event. The day was packed with various skill-building activities and games, designed to entertain and engage the children.

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The students were divided into two groups according to their grades. The younger group, grades 1 and 2, took part in mask-making, tattoo-making, and various fun games. The older students, from grades 3 to 5, enjoyed Zumba, organizing skills, and a water balloon dance. The lively music of the summer camp had all the students dancing with joy.

The camp was a success due to the collective effort of the pre-primary and primary teachers under the guidance of the school coordinator, Mrs. Rita Mishra. Teachers Neeta, Sangeeta Dubey, Varsha, Rupali, Natasha, Vinita, Nandita, among others, played a significant role in the successful execution of the camp’s activities.

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The event was also graced by the presence of Principal Mr. Francis Joseph, Co-Principal Mr. Rakesh Pandey, and Coordinator Mrs. Rita Mishra.

The three-day summer camp at Kashidih High School wraps up, leaving students enriched with new skills and memories. Games, mask-making, Zumba, and more were part of the fun.


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