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JNAC Investigates Illegal Parking and Basements in Bistupur, Sakchi; Issues Notices to 26 Building Owners

Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee investigates illegal parking & basements, issues notices to 26 building owners for violating sanctioned map.

Jamshedpur: Following strong remarks from the Jharkhand High Court regarding multi-storey buildings constructed in violation of the sanctioned map and commercial activities in parking lots or basements in Jamshedpur, the civic administration has taken action.

The investigation drive has begun, with notices being issued to building owners in Sakchi and Bistupur.

On Tuesday, Sanjay Kumar, Executive Officer of the Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee, along with a team, inspected several areas in Sakchi and Bistupur.

Notices were issued to building owners found to have commercial activities in their parking lot basements.

These notices were posted at the relevant sites, directing the owners to restore the spaces to their original state within a week and cease business activities immediately.

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A total of 26 notices were issued by JNAC, instructing building owners to halt all economic activities within a week and revert the spaces to their original condition at their own expense.

If an owner fails to comply, the administration will demolish the illegal construction and recover the costs from the owner.

The notices were issued to various building owners, including those of Hotel Center Point Bistupur, Panchrenu Apartment Bistupur, Aastha Trade Center Bistupur, and Shri Krishna Sinha Institute Bistupur, among others.

Notices have been issued to the owners of these buildings:

1.Hotel Center Point Bistupur

2. Panchrenu Apartment Bishtupur

3 Aastha Trade Center Bishtupur

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4.Shri Krishna Sinha Institute Bishtupur

5.Ulian Kadma Uphaar Apartment

6. Kadma Mangal Tower

7. Bistupur Millennium Tower

8. Bistupur Hero Showroom

9. Kadma Kaushal Kanchan Construction Private Limited

10.Anoop Kumar Chatterjee Holding No. 104 SNP Area Sakchi

11.Manojit Sengupta and others Holding No. 105 SNP Area Sakchi

12. Ritesh Chandra Rai Holding No. 107 SNP Area Sakchi

13.Ranjit Singh and Shefali Singh Holding No. 109 and 110 SNP Area Sakchi

14.Mira Sinha Power of Attorney Holder Suchit Singh and others Holding No. 111 SNP Area Sakchi

15. S C Basu, S K Khemka, Holding No. 112 SNP Area Sakchi

16. Kahksha Nahid Holding No. 102 Thakur Bari Road SNP Area Sakchi

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17. Girish Kumar Tiwari and others Holding No. 53 SNP Area Sakchi

18.BN Chowdhary and others Anup Kumar Chatterjee Holding No. 01 SNP Area Sakchi

19.RP Thakur and others Holding No. 54 SNP Area Sakchi

20.Anup Kumar Chatterjee Ex Holding No. 104 SNP Area Sakchi

21.Ritesh Chandra Rai Holding No. 107 SNP Area Sakchi

22.Pushpa Devi Santosh Agarwal and others Holding No. 58 SNP Area Sakchi

23.Bhuneshwar Shukla and others Holding No. 52 SNP Area Sakchi

24. Mahendra Kaur and others Holding No. 1, Kashidih

25. Kunti Devi, Kashidih, Basti Kalimati Road, Sakchi

26. Holding No. 171, Ganga Regency, Sakchi.

Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee investigates illegal parking basements issues notices to 26 building owners for violating sanctioned map
<strong>Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee investigates illegal parking basements issues notices to 26 building owners for violating sanctioned map<strong>


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