Monday, May 29, 2023

A Tribute to Lalit Prasad: A Young Life Cut Short

There is an urgent need for stricter traffic regulations & safer roads to protect innocent lives.


Dear Lalit, we are sorry! And we will always miss you, because this world would never be the same without you.

The tragic loss of 14-year-old Lalit Prasad, a student of Beldih Church, leaves us heartbroken and speechless.

He was an innocent child, full of potential, on his way to school when an unknown bus abruptly ended his young life.

Late Lalit Prasad.

It is devastating to think of the immeasurable grief his family and parents must be enduring.

Lalit’s untimely death is not only a loss to his loved ones but also to our society and nation.

Our collective hearts ache for the bright future that was stolen from him, all because of one careless driver.

Yet, life continues in the city, as if nothing happened, and we are left to ponder how little we value life.

It is time for the administration to take decisive action.

We must ensure that no heavy vehicles, trucks, or buses, except for school buses, are allowed to ply within the city, one hour before and one hour after school hours.

It is often observed that heavy trucks continue to operate on city roads during these crucial times, putting our children’s lives at risk.

Although the number of traffic police has increased manifold, their focus seems to be on checking helmets and driving licenses rather than preventing accidents or monitoring speeding vehicles.

Traffic police should be deployed even during school hours to ensure that no heavy vehicles flout the rules and ply on city roads when our children are most vulnerable.

Saving other innocent lives in the future would be the real homage to Lalit Prasad.

Let his untimely passing be a catalyst for change, inspiring us to take concrete steps to protect our children and value every precious life.

There is an urgent need for stricter traffic regulations & safer roads to protect innocent lives.

Dear Lalit, we will miss you, and we promise to honor your memory by advocating for a safer world for all our children.

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