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Vaisakhi Night 2023 to Feature Bhangra, Gidda, and Turban Competition on April 30th at MNPS Auditorium

Vaisakhi Night 2023, hosted by Royal Decor & Sunny Bhangra Group, to feature Turban Competition, Bhangra, Giddha, and more at MNPC Auditorium.

Jamshedpur – Royal Decor and Sunny Bhangra Group announced Saturday their plan to host Vaisakhi Night 2023, a vibrant cultural event for the Sikh community, on April 30th.

The festivities will take place at the Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS) Auditorium in Bistupur, Jamshedpur, and will include a Turban Competition, Sikh Martial Art (Gatka), Kathak Dance, Bhangra, and Giddha performances.

Organizers shared details of the event during a press conference at a hotel in Golmuri.

Jasveer Singh Gill explained that the program aims to inspire Sikh children and foster community connections.

Entry to the event will be granted through passes, and those interested in participating in the Turban Competition can obtain more information by contacting 70044 72221 or 77618 42855.

Jagjit Singh Jaggi and Sunny Singh revealed that the program will commence at 4:30 pm and will also honor the participating winners with due respect.

Several dignitaries from the community will attend the event, and they will be acknowledged from the stage.

Gurpreet Singh’s Gatka group from Sitaramdera will enthrall the youth with their performance. The event will conclude with the distribution of Guru’s Atoot Langar among the audience.

Avinash Singh Khalsa, Harpal Singh Happy, Karan Singh, Satnam Singh, Mandeep Singh Ladi, Gagandeep Singh, and Manjit Singh Gill were also present at the press conference.

Vaisakhi Night 2023, hosted by Royal Decoro & Sunny Bhangra Group, to feature Turban Competition, Bhangra, Giddha, and more at MNPC Auditorium.


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