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AIDSO demands bus service and fare concessions for students in Jamshedpur colleges

Jamshedpur: The All India Democratic Students Organization (AIDSO) in Jamshedpur has submitted a memorandum to the DC Office on Saturday calling for the start of bus services in all of the city’s colleges.

In the Deputy Commissioner’s absence, the memo was submitted to the DTO on behalf of the Jamshedpur City Committee of the student organization..

The City President of AIDSO Shubham Kumar Jha addressed the matter by claiming that students from extremely underprivileged social groups travel to study at Jamshedpur’s many institutions in rural and remote locations.

Jha continued by saying that many of these kids’ families struggle to pay for basic necessities, which makes it difficult for them to finish their education.

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Hence, the AIDSO has urged that bus services be reinstated at a number of Jamshedpur institutions while also considering the interests of the students.

The AIDSO has also requested that students receive a 50% fare discount in order to lessen their financial burden.

During the submission of the memorandum were those who were present included State Secretariat member Khushbu Kumari, City Vice President Kameshwar Prasad, Payal, Amit, Bablu, Bulbul, and other representatives from several colleges.

Both students and instructors support this idea because they think it will assist in creating a better learning environment for pupils.

The AIDSO has pledged to follow up on this request and make sure that students get the assistance they need in pursuing education.

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AIDSO demands bus service and fare concessions for students in Jamshedpur colleges


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