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Dharma prevails over usual Hindu Splitsville in Jamshedpur

Truce reached as Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Mahato intervenes, norms relaxed, Akharas take out processions, Saturday Bandh call withdrawn

Jamshedpur: For a few hours, it seemed the differences over the decision to not take out Ram Navami Akhara processions would split the Akhara committees vertically into two clear groups. One that favored a tough stance against the administration’s strict rules, and the other that felt that there was no reason to escalate the issue over a trivial matter. Some even did read the division line as a split between Congress-leaning vs BJP-leaning Akharas.

However, in the end, common sense prevailed. Thanks to the intervention of Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Mahato, a truce was reached and the dispute was resolved.

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Hindu leaders agree to withdraw Jamshedpur Bandh Call after agreement was reached with district administration.

After a meeting on Friday night, the disagreement over taking out Ram Navami Akhara processions in Jamshedpur between the district administration and the Akhada committees has been settled.

After several hours of stalemate, the two sides decided to resolve the matter.

While the district administration has relaxed some of the restrictions, the Akharas too withdrew the call for a Jamshedpur Bandh tomorrow and agreed to take out the processions..

The differences between the Akharas and the district administration cropped up when trailers and DJs were utilised during one of the processions.

While the district administration had prohibited them, certain Akhada groups nonetheless used trailers during their procession.

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The standoff resulted from the district administration seizing the trailer and DJ of one Akhara group.

Hindu leaders Town Post
Hindu leaders.

Differences deepened after numerous unsuccessful rounds of negotiations between the district administration and the Akhara groups failed to bring up a solution..

A Jamshedpur bandh call was given by the Bajrang Dal and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad for Saturday..

However, common sense prevailed during a meeting on Friday night between the district administration and the Akhara committees and the issue was settled.

The Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahato was present at the meeting and he assisted in mediating a deal.

All restrictions on the usage of trailer and DJ during the immersion processions will be relaxed in accordance with the agreement, while the Akhara committees would take out the procession in the normal manner and would not observe any bandh on Saturday..

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The settlement of the issue has brought relief to the common citizens and devotees as the differences were needlessly causing concern.

MP Bidyut Mahato with DC and SSP and akhara committee members Town Post
Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Mahato mediates to resolve the stalemate over Ram Navami procession in Jamshedpur.

The Akhara committees too have expressed their satisfaction at the outcome of the meeting.


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