Bhagwan Ram is essence of Indic civilization

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Bhagwan Ram represents the very essence of India, its culture, and its ethos.

The Hindu community in India celebrates Ram Navami as a significant festival. And not for nothing. The life of Bhagwan Ram has defined India’s ethos for millennia.

Ram Navami commemorates the birthday of Bhagwan Ram, one of Hinduism’s most venerated deities.

The personification of righteousness, virtue, and morality is Bhagwan Ram.

Millions of people throughout the world are inspired by his life and teachings, and his life and conduct in different situations of life are still relevant today.

It is crucial to keep in mind and respect our cultural and traditional origins in these times of fast globalization and cultural interaction.

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Being de-rooted means being uprooted.

We may lead meaningful and moral lives by following the life and conduct of Shri Ram. They instruct us to live an honest and moral life, fight for what is the right dharma and preserve our ideals, and treat everyone with respect and care.

Let’s keep in mind the necessity of upholding our culture and customs as we celebrate Ram Navami.

We must make an effort to protect and transmit our history and legacy to future generations too.

This will enable us to preserve our distinctive national identity and keep valuing our all-encompassing cultural heritage.

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Bhagwan Ram. Photo: Pawan Kumaar.

Bhagwan Ram’s life serves as a model for us as we celebrate Ram Navami and make an effort to imitate his principles in our everyday lives.

यावत् स्थास्यन्ति गिरयस्सरितश्च महीतले ।

तावद्रामायणकथा लोकेषु प्रचरिष्यति ।।

As long as the mountains and rivers exist on this earth, the story of Ramayana will prevail among the people.

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