Saturday, June 10, 2023

Youth caught on burglary charges in Gamharia market

Adityapur: Shopkeepers of Gamharia Market caught a person allegedly involved in several thefts and later handed him over to the police.

A youth who had been allegedly carrying out thefts in the market neighborhood was apprehended by the shop owners in Gamharia market and turned over to the police.

The number of thefts had been on the rise over the previous several days, and the store owners and police station had chalked out a strategy to apprehend the burglar.

The burglar was caught on a surveillance camera stealing three costly lights and a sack of garlic from a street vendor’s shop.

With the aid of market volunteers, the shop owners captured him after recognising him in the video.

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The shop owners and volunteers caught the alleged burglar as he attempted to flee while brandishing a knife.

He has been turned over to the police, who are questioning him.

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