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Tuna Sabar discharged from Sadar Hospital after successful treatment, DC congratulates medical team

Jamshedpur: In a big success, the Sadar Hospital team has successfully treated critically ill Tuna Sabar. Tuna Sabar was discharged on Saturday. The DC of East Singhbhum Vijaya Jadhav has congratulated the medical team that treated Tuna Sabar.

Dr. Jujhar Majhi, a civil surgeon, oversaw the medical staff in charge of caring for Tuna.

The Deputy Commissioner Vijaya Jadhav has thanked and praised the whole medical team as Tuna was being released from the hospital.

Tuna left the hospital premises with a smile on his lips.

Due to a skin issue, Tuna Sabar, a resident of Dampabeda in the Dumariya block, was brought to Sadar Hospital, Khas Mahal, Tatanagar, in a severe condition.

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tuna sabar
Tuna Sabar discharged from Sadar Hospital after successful treatment, DC congratulates medical team

But Deputy Commissioner Vijaya Jadhav quickly took cognition of his condition and saw to it that Tuna got medical attention.

After receiving treatment for more than a month, Tuna has now been released from the hospital and is obviously in good health.

Tuna was extremely anemic, had very low hemoglobin levels, and had trouble breathing and moving. Yet, he responded well to the entire treatment.

Everyone engaged had the desire to save lives as their first priority. Tuna’s condition was first seen as being so terrible that no one anticipated such a speedy recovery, said Civil Surgeon Dr. Jujhar Majhi. Despite this, the medical staff had faith that Tuna would ultimately be released from the hospital in a healthy state, and their faith, together with the encouragement and blessings of the community, has been realised. The district’s designated deputy commissioner has also made a concerted effort to improve the lot of the Sabar tribe, a group that is frequently disregarded and ostracised by society at large.

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After being admitted to Sadar Hospital, the Deputy Commissioner assumed personal responsibility for continuously keeping an eye on Tuna’s health.

The Deputy Commissioner made sure that continual supervision was maintained until Tuna’s health stabilized, whether that meant making regular visits to the hospital to monitor Tuna’s progress or interacting with the medical personnel to offer advice.

The Deputy Commissioner was delighted to know that Tuna was discharged and sent her good wishes for his future happiness and health.

Tuna Sabar being discharged
Sadar Hospital team has successfully treated critically ill Tuna Sabar. Tuna Sabar was discharged on Saturday.

She also applauded the efforts of the whole medical staff, notably Civil Surgeon Dr. Jujhar Majhi, in treating Tuna.


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