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Workshop in Jamshedpur to discuss enforcement of COTPA-2003 and discouraging tobacco use

Jamshedpur: A one-day workshop was conducted on Tuesday as part of the tobacco control program in Jamshedpur. The workshop provided orientation to the three-tier flying squad and members of the Tobacco Control Coordination Committee regarding compliance with the COTPA-2003 Act.

The Tobacco Control Program hosted an orientation course on Tuesday in Jamshedpur at the Jamshedpur Collectorate Auditorium.

In addition to the Additional Deputy Commissioner Mr. Jaideep Tigga, the Director of the DRDA Mr. Saurabh Sinha, the SDM of Dhalbhum Mr. Piyush Sinha, the District Public Relations Officer Mr. Rohit Kumar, Dr. Mrityunjay Dhawadia from the Health Department, Rimple Jha from the State Government’s technical support organization "Seeds" and the DCPO Dr. Chanchal Kumari were all present at the event.

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The COTPA-2003 Act’s successful implementation in the district was the workshop’s main objective, which was to raise public knowledge of the dangers of tobacco usage.

The Tobacco Control Coordination Committee and the three-tier flying squad members were also instructed on the legal actions that may be taken under various sections of the COTPA-2003 Act.

The representative from SEEDS offered comprehensive information about various parts of the COTPA-2003 Act as part of the tobacco control programme, which is jointly managed by the state government and the Socio Economic and Educational Development Society (SEEDS). The 24 districts of the state are all putting this approach into practice.

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The participants received education on a variety of connected subjects, including the actions that must be made to outlaw tobacco products.

The SDM Dhalbhum made the point that smoking not only has a negative impact on one’s health but also has a negative financial impact.

In order to successfully end tobacco addiction among young people, collaboration is required to make this campaign a success.

He also underlined the significance of encouraging tobacco users to give up using tobacco and asked the district’s educated residents to promote awareness at their level.

He stressed the need of running the tobacco control programme as a campaign, asking the three-tier flying squad to take effective action.

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Tobacco control programme effectiveness depends on collaboration at all levels, he added.

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