Friday, March 24, 2023

Sahara India investors hold one-day hunger strike, demand refund of money

Jamshedpur: Samyukta All India Jan Andolan Sangharsh Nyay Morcha held a countrywide protest and hunger strike on Tuesday to press for safe return of the money invested by small investors in Sahara India. The Morcha held protests and hunger strikes in different district headquarters of the country.

The nationwide one-day hunger strike was called by Jan Andolan Sangharsh Nyay Morcha in front of district offices.

The protestors asked the central government and the states to take action on the issue in the interest of small investors and requested that investors’ deposits be returned.

The Morcha said that because of the protracted conflict between Sahara and SEBI, the investor funds have been misappropriated for a long time. Both small and large investors feel duped as a result of this, it said.

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The Morcha said that Sahara’s agent offices are still operational and continuing to collect unauthorized deposits from account holders.

The organization issued a warning that they would boycott the forthcoming elections if the central government did not take measures to reclaim the funds of small investors of Sahara India.

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