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Tata Steel’s Noamundi and Joda East Iron Mines get 5-Star rating for Sustainable Development for 2021-22

Noamundi Mine bagged the 5-star rating for the seventh consecutive year

Jamshedpur: The Noamundi and Joda East Iron Mines of Tata Steel have been accorded 5-Star rating for sustainable development for the year 2021-22 by Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM). The Noamundi Mine received the honour for the seventh consecutive year.

The Ministry of Mines had launched the scheme of ‘Star Rating of Mines’ in 2016 for recognising miners and mining companies for their efforts and initiatives towards implementation of the Sustainable Development.

The awards were presented to Tata Steel on March 1, 2023, on the 75th Foundation Day of IBM in Nagpur. D. B. Sundara Ramam, Vice President, Raw Materials, Tata Steel, along with Shirish Shekhar, Chief, Noamundi Iron Mine and Saroj Kumar Banerjee, Chief, Joda East Iron Mine received the awards on behalf of Tata Steel from Shri Pralhad Joshi, Hon’ble Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal & Mines.

D. B. Sundara Ramam, Vice President, Raw Materials, Tata Steel, said:“As a responsible miner, we continue to drive scientific mining leveraging technology and benchmark practices. We are delighted to receive this honour which will further strengthen our resolve to pursue a greener, better tomorrow.

Tata Steel’s Noamundi and Joda East Iron Mines have been industry leaders in implementing cutting-edge technologies and best mining practices. The mines use advanced mining software, drone technology, fleet management systems, remote-controlled drills, and real-time quality monitoring systems, among various other initiatives, to achieve benchmark performance. Multiple community initiatives have also been undertaken to ensure education and skill development, health and sanitation, livelihood, skill development, and overall welfare of people residing in nearby villages.

On the occasion, D. B. Sundara Ramam announced new initiatives to promote diversity and employee safety, including operating mines with women and transgender individuals and introducing Suraksha card for employee safety in mines.


Some of the notable pioneering initiatives in Noamundi and Joda include:

· Commissioning of a 3.3 MW Solar power plant over the mined-out area

· Reclamation and Rehabilitation of 126 Ha of land at Hill #1 and Hill #2

· Rainwater Harvesting Pond for ground water recharge

· Use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Mines

· Fostering diversity and inclusion: Employed 46 female employees as HEMM operators and various other core mining operational functions across all shifts

· Use of Paste thickener at Joda has helped the unit by enabling re-use of wastewater and thereby significantly reducing make up water consumption

· Fleet management system has helped both the units by optimising diesel consumption in HEMM fleet and thereby reducing carbon footprint

· Scientifically designed site-specific rainwater harvesting structures for recharging ground aquifers

These initiatives have been aimed at promoting sustainable mining practices, conserving the environment, and ensuring the well-being of the local community.


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