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Bhumihar Mahila Samaj organizes Holi Milan at Kadma

Jamshedpur: Holi will be celebrated on March 8th. However, the fervor of the Holi festival is already in the air. Keeping its traditions of celebrating the Holi festival on, Bhumihar Mahila Samaj held Holi Milan celebrations at Brahmarshi Bhavan Kadma on Sunday.

The celebrations saw a large number of women from the community attend the programme and share joy of the oncoming Holi festival.

In cooperation with the members of different communities, a number of social and cultural groups are organizing Holi Milan programs in different parts of the city.

Several Holi Milan programmes are being held at various venues to celebrate Holi.

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During a recent Holi Milan celebration held by the Bhumihar Mahila Samaj on Sunday at Brahmarshi Bhavan Kadma, ladies from the neighborhood danced enthusiastically to Holi tunes and savored delectable cuisine.

Bhumihar Mahila Samaj organizes Holi Milan event every year just before Holi festival.

Holi Milan bhumihar samaj
Holi Milan event at Kadma Brahmarshi Bhavan.


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